OCCI Engineering Contractors

OCCI, Inc. is an award winning engineering contractor based in Fulton, Missouri. They perform work throughout the central United States.

OCCI wanted a way to increase their credibility, prestige and innovative company spirit. In addition, they wanted a way to highlight their fabrication and construction projects in a way that echoed that spirit.


An experience section was developed to highlight their engineering projects. Their work was divided into eight separate capabilities. A brief description of each capability and the two most recent projects for that capability are provided to the site visitor in a collapsing interface format. The visitor can get more information and see additional photographs on the project detail page.

To help build awareness, by utilizing RSS and email marketing, a mailing campaign was created for each section of the site. The site visitor can choose to sign up for email updates from whichever section of the site they prefer.


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OCCI Engineering Contractors

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